01 Table Talk: the launch of anart.cuirm

“Anart is Scottish Gaelic for cloth, Cuirm is Scottish Gaelic for feast.”

anart.cuirm is a new linen brand for a bold and expressive tabletop. Rooted in the exploration of art, pattern and colour — the collection launches with a triptych of distinctive prints.

Reef is organic, rhythmic and fluid. A coral atoll inspired print for the table.

Weave is dynamic & graphic, a woven motif with a constructed feel.

Swirl is an abstract and painterly spin of expressive pattern.

We like to mix the prints and colourways up, often with varieties of objects, accessories & pieces we already own. We love table linen that celebrates the people we gather together, whether that’s for everyday meals or informal entertaining.

Linen union napkins, placemats and tablecloths are available as individual pieces rather than typical sets — enlightening our customers to live with less formality and more flair. It’s a bold collection in a refined and joyous colour palette, that will positively energise your dining table.